Whispers of Wax and Wick

In the quiet hush of twilight's embrace,

A dance of flame, a soft glow takes place.

Candles flicker, like whispers in the dark,

Igniting dreams with their gentle spark.

Waxen pillars standing tall and bright,

Illuminating the serene canvas of night.

Each wick, a storyteller in the silent air,

Unveiling tales of warmth and tender care.

Amidst shadows, a symphony unfolds,

A melody of tranquility, as time holds.

Candlelight weaves a tapestry so divine,

A glow that in every corner, love does shine.

From vanilla whispers to lavender dreams,

A spectrum of scents in radiant streams.

Candles speak a language, pure and true,

Creating ambience that feels brand new.

So let your candles be a beacon of delight,

Guiding hearts through the gentlest night.

In the glow, find solace, find delight,

A dance with candles, a magical sight.

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